Creative Tidbits #219: street art, white space, art nouveau, lessons in design and more

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration It's always rewarding to read a young upstart revealing the lessons I've taught in my seminars and workshops for well over two and a half decades. In 2006 Alex White, that famous type and design expert wrote DT&G to explain "white space", now those lessons show up in our Creative Tidbits 219! But there's more and we hope you have a great time . . .

  • Using White Space: How Emptiness Can Give So Much to Design
  • A collection of Art Nouveau doors from around the world
  • The Future of Design (and how to prepare for it)
  • Understanding the Power of Visual Advertising
  • Digging the Street Art of Rubén Sánchez

A collection of Art Nouveau doors from around the world

Fred Showker's creative tidbits #218

If you the Vintage News, then by now you have surely noticed their mild obsession with “Art Nouveau”, the gorgeous turn of the century style that makes everything look lavish, elegant and decadent. So, go visit their virtual museum of doors --
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photo retouching and editing Art Nouveau Doors Around the World
Fred Showker's famous creative updates and tidbits, now in its 26th year! A little closer look

Understanding the Power of Visual Advertising

Fred Showker's creative tidbits #218

Millennials and members of Generation Z are very finicky when it comes to web content. Within seconds, they will abandon your site if you have no strategy whatsoever on capturing their attention.
      As a marketer, incorporating visual content is a great technique that can increase the audience’s willingness to read content. Focusing on compelling visuals is also a great solution to “banner blindness” -- the online audience’s tendency to ignore ads subconsciously.
photo retouching and editing Tech Guru Daily

The Future of Design (and how to prepare for it)

Fred Showker's creative tidbits #218

In trying to figure out what the future of design will look like, we’re at a bit of a loss.
      Technology is changing at a rapid pace. In five years, mobile platforms have gone from being an emerging part of a company’s strategy to the focal point of its future. So who’s to say when virtual reality and automation become more prominent? Quickly-evolving tools like these and a shifting playing field make it almost impossible to predict the future, because the gadget that will drive our lives in 10 years probably hasn’t even been invented yet. And then there is the matter of divergent career paths. The age-old standard of working your way up the ladder at a single company for the duration of your life has been disrupted by career professionals blending skills that were once thought to be mutually exclusive — like design and computer programming — to make entirely new hybrid careers in anticipation of the market needs of tomorrow.
photo retouching and editing Matt McCue and Kiana St. Louis via 99U

Digging the Street Art of Rubén Sánchez

Fred Showker's creative tidbits #218

Spain based street artist Ruben Sanchez has a peculiar artistic style. His work can be found internationallyHowever, his home of Spain can be found in his artwork anywhere its painted. Influences such as Picasso’s Cubism or Miro’s Surrealism are clear in his spray painted mural.
GO Read this interesting interview article with Ruben in Dubai
GO Here's a great one from
GO Here's one in progress
Street Art Go pig out on Rubén Sánchez Street Art

Using White Space: How Emptiness Can Give So Much to Design

Fred Showker's creative tidbits #218

I laughed when I saw this item from SitePoint -- evidently all the writings of Alex White, (ten years ago) myself and a thousand other design teachers has soaked into Saad Al-Sabbagh's brain!
      He gives some vague advice, but at least shows the Volkswagon ads which are probably the most famous, and successful, examples of using white (or negative) space.
photo retouching and editing SitePoint

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