Creative Tidbits #218: Icons, infographics, Black Friday, Podcasts, paper grades and more

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspirationWell into the holiday season, here are some select holiday goodies, and some other interesting items including those Black Friday infographics! Creative inspiration is where you find it... finding cool stuff over the holidays? Give us a tip!

  • Follow These Three Tips for Designing the Perfect Podcast Icon
  • Do You Know Your (Paper) ABCs? Grade, Basis Weight, and Finish
  • 100 Free Flat Christmas Icons
  • Black Friday Infographic(s)

Black Friday Infographic(s)

Fred Showker's creative tidbits #218

Danny McLoughlin from wrote in and thought you might be interested in the infographic he just created about Black Friday. The infographic shows in a humorous way the winners and losers in the battle of Black Friday containing very interesting facts and figures.
      Well, sure -- we love infographics. Except there was no link except to his site, and we couldn't find it there, so I googled it. WOW -- somebody else had the same idea. We found several thousand. (Like this one!)
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Fred Showker's famous creative updates and tidbits, now in its 26th year! And, if you really want to pig out, click right here

100 Free Flat Christmas Icons

Fred Showker's creative tidbits #218

Believe it or not, there's an outfit called "Graphic Google" and I'm surprised they haven't gotten in trouble with Google. Anyway, they've taken those holiday icons you've seen hundreds of times in fonts and clip collections and put them into an icon collection.
      When you click the download link below, just wait a few moments -- the download should begin. (Does this work?)
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Fred Showker's famous creative updates and tidbits, now in its 26th year! Here's the big sample

Follow These Three Tips for Designing the Perfect Podcast Icon

Fred Showker's creative tidbits #218

So you’re starting a podcast. You’ve spent untold hours hammering out the format, and sweat the details on everything from subject matter to episode length. Maybe you’ve even got a name picked out. Exciting! Sounds like you’re ahead of the game. But have you given any thought to your cover art?
      You should. Pixel for pixel, few plots of graphic real estate are more valuable than the icon that accompanies a podcast. As the sole item of visual information would-be listeners have to go on, it’s important to make it count.
photo retouching and editing Joseph Flaherty. Joseph Flaherty Design

Do You Know Your (Paper) ABCs? Grade, Basis Weight, and Finish

Fred Showker's creative tidbits #218

Paper is a center stage player when it comes to both the design and cost of a publication. You don’t need to be a paper expert to make smart paper decisions. Once you understand the basic quality differences, and can compare costs between them, you are well positioned to make the right choice for your publication.
      Choosing a paper requires three primary decisions, (1) grade, (2) basis weight, and (3) finish.
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