Publishing Update 1610 : Publishing content, digital, print, and DTP

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Publishing Update In this edition of our publishing update we look at some deep journalism vehicles as well as sponsoring content and academic publishing. Don't forget that digital publishing is only a part of the picture -- the print publishing industry is robust and doing well!

  • How millennials interact with long-form journalism on mobile devices
  • Editorial and Sales Can Collaborate to Maximize Revenue
  • Is Your Publishing Toolkit As Strong As It Can Be?
  • Programmatic Publishing: Repurposing Ad Tech
  • Sponsored Content And Editorial Integrity
  • Academic Publishing Is All About Status
  • Rekindling the Passion for Print
  • Counteracting Content Shock

Is Your Publishing Toolkit As Strong As It Can Be?

For leaders of production and digital teams in publishing, the dizzying change of the past five years may seem like a hurdle that’s been overcome.
      And while most publishers now have a mix of internal and outsourced systems in place for metadata and asset management, frontline staff are often still challenged not only to be more efficient, but also more effective, in their daily workload.
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Counteracting Content Shock

Years of psychological studies have shown that design has a huge impact on our emotions. Your content’s design is no exception; the effect is involuntary.
      By putting careful thought into constructing the design of your content, you can better arm yourself against the threat of content shock.
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Sponsored Content And Editorial Integrity

Paolo Gaudiano writes :
      A few days ago I was looking for content for my personal website about race and gender equality, when I ran across an article that featured brief profiles of 17 women in technology. I have been reading a lot of material about race and gender in the professional world, and found this to be one of the best, most informative articles I had seen. Who knew that Sandra Kurtzig was the first woman to take a Silicon Valley technology company public in 1972? Who knew that Sister Mary Kenneth Keller was the first U.S. woman to receive a Ph.D. in computer science — in 1965?
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Academic Publishing Is All About Status

As a young professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1940s and 1950s, Paul Samuelson made a habit of visiting the offices of the Quarterly Journal of Economics, then based at MIT, to look through the other economics journals that arrived in the mail. “I’d read every journal, every article,”
      Nowadays, no economist would do this. For one thing, there are too many economics journals for any one person to read. For another, cutting-edge research now invariably makes its way onto the Internet long before showing up in a journal.
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Rekindling the Passion for Print

For publishers of all kinds—books, magazines, journals, newspapers—digital came fast and furiously, like a flaming media meteor promising to change the landscape forever. And rightfully so, they quickly and keenly focused attentions on building websites, launching e-editions, starting up social media pages, and designing mobile apps, while print was pushed to the backseat.
      It’s going to take publishers some work to find ways to reignite the passion readers once had for print in the way that they’ve inspired readers to read their digital complements, but what will it take to get people to pick up printed newspapers again?
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How millennials interact with long-form journalism on mobile devices

Since the late 1990s, as breaking news and other types of journalism adapted, long feature stories remained best suited for print. Written in the narrative tradition, often using literary techniques, this kind of journalism clashed with the nonlinear nature of the web where information was best consumed in visuals and quick bits.
      Then, in 2012, The New York Times published “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek,” a 17,000–word narrative so infused with video, infographics and impressive design elements that its title became a verb to describe the many similar works that followed.
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Editorial and Sales Can Collaborate to Maximize Revenue

It might make you uncomfortable to think about it, but the Association of YMCA Professionals is proving that when editorial and sales teams work together more closely, good things start to happen.
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Programmatic Publishing: Repurposing Ad Tech

Publishers are experiencing an ongoing period of transition, with Facebook being one of the main drivers of it. Ad tech, explains Mihai Fanache, CEO,, needs to step in.
      Here, Fanache tells ExchangeWire that the publishers of tomorrow need to become programmatic platforms to allow them to compete with the likes of Facebook.
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