Publishing Update 1609 : Publishing, digital, content, print, and DTP

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Publishing Update It's been some time since our last publishing update. Sorry! But seriously, Don't Print The Obituary For The Printing Industry Just Yet! The printing and print publishing industry has never really gone out of style, nor has it slacked off. Yes, it has changed, but the digital age has taken over -- there's a lot of graphic design, typography, photography and illustration still being printed with ink on paper! The graphic design community is still about 80% occupied by print. This is the Publishing Update of the Design & Publishing Center, so we'll consider all realms of publishing! Jump on board . . .

  • To Perfect Bind or Saddle Stitch — That is the Question
  • 3 kinds of content that are killing digital publishing
  • The Importance of Longform Content for Your Website
  • Why ‘Easy’ Publishing Solutions Hardly Ever Are
  • How digital publishers measure their influence
  • Think You'll Outsource Your Content Marketing?
  • A Script to Show Options for Placed Files
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3 kinds of content that are killing digital publishing

With falling print subscription and sales rates, publishers are increasingly relying on digital to make up the shortfall in their bottom lines. But the digital space is not without its own challenges. Beyond the task of growing their online audience, publishers have to contend with issues surrounding viewability and fraudulent clicks impacting the value of their inventory.
      As tough as the digital world might be, there are plenty of tools available to help publishers succeed. But as an evolving field, the digital publishing industry has yet to discover the unanticipated side-effects of some of the medicines they've been taking. Several of the strategies used to survive thus far may actually -- in their current incarnation -- be doing more harm than good. Below are three things purporting to help publishers survive and succeed in a digital age, but which may only be serving as a short term fix to a much larger issue.
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The Importance of Longform Content for Your Website

In recent months a debate has been brewing around whether shortform or longform content is winning the race for people’s attention. No doubt there are merits to both sides, but there seems to be some confusion abound the subject.
      For clarity, longform means articles, white papers and e-books of 2,000 words or more, while shortform refers to content of 500 to 1,000 words. Is there really a difference in their overall performances? Science suggests there is.
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Why ‘Easy’ Publishing Solutions Hardly Ever Are

Almost every week, a new technological innovation comes to market, promising to save publishers money, streamline workflow, reduce administrative burdens or reach more readers. These innovations are diverse, but they share one thing in common: each promises to make our lives easier.
      But here’s the rub: These solutions usually get developed in isolation, with little consideration for where they’ll each fit into their new customers’ existing technological ecosystems. And that’s hardly any surprise. With the myriad systems publishers use, how can a developer accommodate them all?
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How digital publishers measure their influence

In the old days, press mentions and scoops were the currency of publishers. But with the instant, fragmented and compulsively measurable nature of digital media, you might not think old yardsticks would be relevant today. Still, digital natives aren’t necessarily abandoning traditional metrics.
      Here’s how a handful told us they think about and measure influence.
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To Perfect Bind or Saddle Stitch — That is the Question

Here are some great tips to help you answer this age-old question for any print publication. . . "Should we perfect bind or saddle stitch our book?”
      Peter Joslin, finishing and distribution manager at Lane Press, shares some considerations to ensure your binding contributes to the style and function of your magazine:
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A Script to Show Options for Placed Files

Need to change the options for a placed file in InDesign? Try this cool free script.
      When you use File > Place you are given a dialog box with a choice to Show Import Options. Tip: Hold down Shift when opening a file and Import Options automatically opens without having to select it.
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Think You'll Outsource Your Content Marketing?

So, you think you want to outsource your content marketing? It’s not a bad idea. In fact, it delivers two key advantages: You place this key initiative in the hands of experts. And you take the thing that quite possibly falls to the bottom of your “to do” list off of that list completely.
      But before you leap at the first willing writer with a keyboard and capacity, you might want to consider exactly what kind of content provider you’re hiring. You have various options, and each comes with its own advantages.
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