Holiday Musings: projects, crafts, creative activities for all ages

by Fred Showker

Holiday musings, crafts and fun There's nothing like cutting, coloring, pasting, folding and creating fun projects! Turn off your iPhone, shut down your computer, get out the crayons, glue, scissors and colored pencils and have some real-world, real-time fun! There's really nothing like it. Here are just a few suggestions ...

  • My Christmas Tree: An Easy-to-Make Tabletop Model
  • Make Your Own Greeting Cards Paperback
  • Christmas Color by Number
  • A Christmas Treasury

Then you can enjoy the free, downloadable samples, and a gift from Fred below!

Make Your Own Greeting Cards Paperback

holiday crafts and projects for children Create perfect pop-up and 3-D cards that tell Dad he's the greatest, wish Mom a happy birthday, and offer friends and family personalized keepsake greetings.
      Two origami experts explain simple techniques with illustrated instructions for a dozen charming cards. Includes 8 sheets of heavy cardstock plus directions for folding envelopes.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Make Your Own Greeting Cards by Steve Biddle and Megumi

A Christmas Treasury

holiday crafts and projects for childrenThis lovely holiday anthology features seasonal classics from the turn of the twentieth century. Recounted in verse, the tales feature quaint color illustrations by popular children's artists of the era such as Margaret Evans Price, W. F. Stecher, Raphael Tuck, and others. Heartwarming tales include:
      The Night Before Christmas, Clement C. Moore's timeless poem about a visit from St. Nicholas; Father Christmas, a celebration of plum pudding, Jack Frost, snowmen, and other holiday delights;
Here's the Full Story Full story : by Dover (Author), Clement Clarke Moore
Holiday musings for kids of all ages Here is a better look at the cover

Christmas Color by Number

holiday crafts and projects for childrenFollow the numbers for holiday coloring fun! Kids will get into the Christmas spirit with these 30 charming color-by-number pictures. Illustrations of jolly carolers, busy elves, window shoppers, and other seasonal scenes feature numbered color guides on each page.
      Great fun for home or school, this book will provide hours of entertainment for children ages 4 to 7.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Christmas Color by Number Children's Activity Book
Holiday musings for kids of all ages Look at how much fun this is going to be!

My Christmas Tree: An Easy-to-Make Tabletop Model

holiday crafts and projects for children Oh, Christmas tree! Here's everything kids need to make a full-color, 16 -inch-tall holiday fir, complete with 16 ornaments and a shiny star for the top.
      This activity is recommended for ages 7 and up; children without much craft experience might need an adult's help. Easy-to-follow directions explain how to assemble the nine-piece tree. No scissors are required because the pieces simply pop right out of the book.
Here's the Full Story Full story : My Christmas Tree by Mary Beth Cryan
Holiday musings for kids of all ages Here is a better look

Enjoy these samples

DYI_greetings_0 DYI_greetings_1 DYI_greetings_2 DYI_greetings_3
DYI_greetings_0 DYI_greetings_1 DYI_greetings_2 DYI_greetings_3
DYI_greetings_4 DYI_greetings_5 DYI_greetings_6 DYI_greetings_7
DYI_greetings_4 DYI_greetings_5 DYI_greetings_6 DYI_greetings_7
DYI_greetings_8 christmas_color_0 christmas_color_2 christmas_color_3
DYI_greetings_8 christmas_color_0 christmas_color_2 christmas_color_3
christmas_color_4 christmas_color_5 christmas_color_6 christmas_color_7
christmas_color_4 christmas_color_5 christmas_color_6 christmas_color_7
christmas_color_8 ct_abcs_01 ct_abcs_02 ct_abcs_03
christmas_color_8 ct_abcs_01 ct_abcs_02 ct_abcs_03
ct_abcs_04 ct_abcs_05 ct_abcs_06 ct_abcs_07
ct_abcs_04 ct_abcs_05 ct_abcs_06 ct_abcs_07
ct_cover tree_0 tree_1 tree_2
ct_cover tree_0 tree_1 tree_2
tree_3 tree_4 tree_5  
tree_3 tree_4 tree_5

Fred's holiday tree 3D pop-up greeting card template These are just a few of the wonderful books kids of all ages can enjoy without a monitor, a keyboard or an internet connection. That's important in today's society. Any time you can spend time with the real world tools of arts and crafts, is the best time you can spend.

IF YOU ARE STILL READING, you can download them pattern for a 3D pop-up card of a holiday tree. I published this in 1987 as part of the "Poor Man's Publisher" and then again in 1990 as eps and printable PDF files. Have fun!
Happy Holidays

And, thanks for reading

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